Mailer Jobs

We have immediate requirements for embedded engineers:

1. Junior engineers (0-2 Yrs)

2. Mid level engineers (2-5 Yrs)
The selected candidate(s) will work on developing state-of-art Industrial/Enterprise IOT products. The profile requirement is as follows:

Should be very good in C / C++, Data Structures, Linux, Embedded Linux, RTOS, Device Drivers. Should have experience working with Microcontrollers, Single Board Computers. Knowledge of serial communication protocols like RS232, RS485/Modbus etc. Knowledge of Peripheral interfaces: I2C, SPI, USB, UART.

Please send relevant profiles mentioning Ref ID: LYFJE or LYFMLE in subject line to

About Us

Mailerjobs, a jobfair company has been working to contain the individual company's attrition at a micro level and industry attrition at a macro level. Mailerjobs innovates recruitment programs providing an alternative to the conventional methods. These programs have proved to be 'windfall' for the participants.

Mailerjobs conducts job fairs, job meets etc., enabling corporates to choose the best talent for their organizations. These job programs will be tailored to make life easier for corporates as well as job seekers. We have a procedure to systemize events of recruitment with thread bare branding activities. We strongly believe that recruitment branding works.

At the candidate level, we have a good understanding with Arts & Science, Engineering Colleges and Universities as part of its missionary attempt to solve the widening gap between demand and supply.

Some of the events organised by Mailerjobs:
Event Date Institution
Sadhana 9th & 10th Sept 2006 Ethiraj College & University of Madras
Mailer Jobfair 29th Oct 2006 YMCA Nandanam
Mailer Jobfair 25th Nov 2006 YMCA Nandanam
Sadhana 6th & 7th Jan 2007 SDNB Vaishnav College
Mailer Jobfair 20th & 21st Jan 2007 Nirmalaa College, Coimbatore
MJDC Sadhana 25th Feb 2007 Anna Adarsh
About Us

Emergence of MJDC

Mailerjobs has been conducting jobfairs in various parts of Tamil Nadu to help candidates get their dream job in a short span of time. It has been analysed that only 8-10% of the participants are given the ‘offer letters’ by participating organizations.

We have been researching to stem this unemployment problem and help increase the intake of candidates through various recruitment events. In this course of action we have identified the right training program to create the talent pool from the existing source and in turn increase the intake of students through jobfairs. MJDC, Mailerjobs Delivery Centre thus came into existence.

Our Mission:

"We believe in Process Evolution, We call it Block Building"

MJDC a ‘skills and trade’ company is initiated on the belief that skilled human resource is the key driver of business success. The pursuit of innovative ideas through our jobfairs gives MJDC the belief to fetch genuine Human Resources for Organisations, MJDC’s mainstay objectives are: