freshers job for me

Freshers Job For Me

After writing concerning her job experience from a Non profit Organisation and sharing suggestions on how to get NGO jobs, Mridhula Sridharan writes about the most sought after jobs in the international non profit \/ development sector. What’re the different career choices in the UN? what’re the eligibility criteria and wages for jobs at the fresher and mid \/ senior levels. UN Jobs and Careers from India – possibly the organizations United Nations, from the development sector provides a challenging and satisfying career for those lucky enough to receive it. I use since competition is fierce and ambition aplenty, the word lucky firmly here since nailing a job is hard a dash of fortune is essential. 

Work for the UN – A behemoth has its appeal. Honor mobility, higher wages and Standing are few of reasons. Gratification of seeing results and intellectually rewarding and challenging opportunities are reasons to be part of a function. But be forewarned, UN like each other company is bureaucratic in its character and one has to learn to job the machine to enjoy a career. UN in India – UN needs been in India since those time of its inception. 

The following are some of the UN missions in India. UNICEF: United Nations Childrens Funds functions to promote the rights of kids, adolescents and women in India focused on their survival, growth and growth by lessening inequalities and increasing access to resources. Headquartered from Delhi with offices from Chennai, Guwahati, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar, Mumbai, Lucknow- WHO: The World Health Organizations mandate from India is to help those government fight life-threatening communicable diseases like Malaria, AIDS, Tuberculosis along with Other deadly diseases that endanger the lives of millions of Indians. WHO also works to eliminate substance abuse and promote healthful eating and nutrition. 

Headquartered in Delhi – UNDP: United Nations Developmentworks in regions of human development which range from democratic governance, poverty eradication to Sustaina energy and environmental management. Headquartered from Delhi with an office from Odisha – UN Women: UN Women focuses on progress gender equality in line with global priorities by helping member nations create inclusive policies for females. Headquartered in Delhi – UNESCO: United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organizationfocuses about peace and security by supporting international cooperation through science, education and culture. Headquartered in Delhi. UNFPA: United Nations population fund focuses about reproductive health of pregnant females and ensures survival of those newborn child.

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