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Mailer Jobs

Mailer jobs is a job consultancy service provider, which provides consultancy service for both employers & employees. We provide end-to-end employment solutions for people who are seeking jobs & employers who want to hire the best talents within the industry. A Platform where an employer can outsource the hiring process & Candidates who are actively looking for a job can list their profile for future opportunities. We have 10+ Years of experience in assisting corporates with recruitment & Talent management.

We have 10+ Years of experience in this industry. More than 500 candidates have achieved their dream jobs and have led successful carrier. We have seen many candidates willing to shift their careers to a different domain irrespective of their experience gained. We inspire & motivate these candidates to choose the right job that fits their vision and future goals.

Corporate Values

Through our years of experience & Technological advancement, we are actively endeavoring to improve the recruitment process to run smoothly and efficiently.

Our Vision

To be a leading global Human resource consultancy platform bringing employers with qualified candidates.

Our Mission

We strive to create and deliver the best process for Human Resource Recruitment services & enhance lives, businesses, and communities around the world.

Why Mailerjobs?

We help Corporate employers by providing relevant job profiles & giving the best job opportunities for ambitious job seekers across different industries & Geography. We allow our clients to get what they want and streamline the hiring process, which saves time & Money.


Instead of spending hours searching for a suitable job on various job portals, Applying to hundreds of job applications & checking if they are interested or not. This creates a hassle in the candidate’s mind and increases the chances of proceeding to the wrong job profile and regret not going to the preferred job.

This has become a continuous process in an employees’ life. We at mailer job are focusing on addressing the problem through our experience & use of technology. We have consulted more than 1000+ candidates & helped them to restore their career vision and goals.